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Secretaries Answers to Questions


Leader of Assembly Business, do you have any responses for ‘Written Answers’ to be laid today?

Yes,Madam Presiding Officer, all such answers were submitted to the Clerk.

The absence of the Chief Secretary from today’s Sitting mean that we would want question No. 26 deferred.

Question No. 26 deferred.

Members, the responses that were due today are on your desks.

Minority Councillor.

Thank you, Madam

Presiding Officer.

23.The Minority Councillor asked the Secretary of Infrastructure, Quarries and Urban Development the following question:

“In relation to the written responses given regarding the composition and remuneration of the SPEL Board, can the Secretary indicate the guiding authority that informed the remuneration package of the Executive Directors and the Independent Directors?”

   Madam Presiding Officer, just bear with me, as I ensure that I am answering the correct question.

    Madam Presiding Officer, the guiding authority that informed the remuneration package of the Executive Directors and the Independent Directors -

     The guiding principle and philosophy are as follows:

 (1) What we were attempting to do, was balance Tobago’s nationalism in the encouragement of Tobagonians to be willing to give public service with industry best practice and standards and the need to demonstrate that Tobago can attract and retain its best talent.


    The guiding authority for the actual fees approved :

(a) Salaries approved by the public sector (these are from where we took the guidance and the authority) - salaries approved by the Public Service Negotiation Committee, the PSNC for State Enterprises for the period 2006 - 2009.

(b) The 90thReport of the Salaries Review Commission - 2013; and

(c) The Ministry of Finance Notice of Review of Fees and Allowances payable to State Enterprises and Statutory Bodies of 2008.

According to the PNC, approval for Executive Chairman of one premium State Enterprise, UDeCOTT for example, for the period 2006 - 2009 (I am quoting this example so that there is context to what we have done) the monthly salary to the Executive Chairman of the UDeCOTT - eighty-five thousand dollars to ninety thousand dollars ($85,000 - $90,000) per month; motor vehicle not exceeding four hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars ($425,000);

  • Housing allowance of six thousand dollars ($6,000);

  • Landline allowance of five hundred dollars ($500);

  • Cell phone allowance monthly of five hundred dollars ($500); and

  • Group Life Health Plan and coverage of up to two times annual basic salary and twenty percent (20%) gratuity.

     Madam Presiding Officer, SPEL was not and I suppose is not, capable of paying even half of what the PSNC approved in 2009 and therefore the Executive Chairman of SPEL was asked to accept way less, but the Secretary of Infrastructure,Quarries and Urban Development is confident that in time to come, the profitability of SPEL will meet and surpass that capability.

     Executive Directors of State Enterprises, Agencies and Statutory Bodies were approved by the 1998 Salaries Review Commission of 2013, stated that the basic

1:50 P.M.

As far as Deputy Chairman and lead Independent Directors and Independent Directors go, we took guidance from the Ministry of Finance Notice of Review and Fees and Allowances Payable to State Enterprises and Statutory Bodies of 2008. We also considered the dual role of Deputy Chair and lead Independent Director, and Independent Directors’ dual responsibility for advisory and governance functions. All of these were considered in determining the salaries for the SPEL Board.

I thank You

Minority Councillor.

10th Plenary Sitting Tobago House of Assembly 2021 - 2025 Session


27 October 2022
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