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Secretaries Answers to Questions


Madam Presiding Officer, follow up.

     I am not sure if we are looking at the same document, but Madam Presiding Officer, I have here ‘Notice Revision of Fees and Allowances payable to State Enterprises and Statutory Bodies.’ The categories are (a) (b) and (c). Let us take for instance, we have an (a) Board for the SPEL.

  • The Chairman is ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) remuneration and a travelling of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00);

  • The Deputy Chair is seven thousand, five hundred dollars($7,500.00) and seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00) travelling; and

  • A member is five thousand, five hundred dollars ($5,500.00).

And based on the written response from the Member previously, the
Minority will like to find out, why is it that there is a difference in fees in particular for the Independent Director, than those that are quoted in the said Revision of Fees and Allowances Payable to State Enterprises and Statutory Bodies.

     I will repeat again. Deputy Chair, lead Independent Director - we considered also the dual role that was to be considered the responsibility.

     Let me just say that the Tobago House of Assembly and the Executive Council have the authority to vary these fees.

Minority Councillor.

Thank you, Madam Presiding Officer.

Do you think that these questions could be best asked via written answer?

Madam Presiding Officer, based on the responses of the Member and hence the follow-up questions.

Last one. Thank you.

Thank you, Madam Presiding


Madam Presiding Officer, the Member has still not answered the question, and based on his written response, it says:

“Independent Directors are the guardians of the interest of the SPEL stakeholders, its credibility and governance. They bring their objective and independent judgement to the deliberations of the Board to ensure optimum performance while adhering to proper principles of governance and compliance.”

It also says:

 “The Executive Directors have management responsibility of assisting and supporting. As well, the Executive Chairman in ensuring that the strategic policy direction prescribed by the Board, is translated and executed throughout all levels of the company from top management level through routine day-to-day operations.”

     So Madam Presiding Officer, it is clear from the written response, that the Independent Directors have a different role to those of the Executive Directors. The Member indicated that one of the guiding policies that he used to determine the remuneration, is that of the revision... [Interruption]

Can I have the question please?

The question? Which question,Madam Presiding Officer?

This is question and answer, so can I have the question? Are you posing a question to the Assemblyman?

Yes, yes, I am posing a question.

I am sure the Assemblyman knows what he wrote. Can the question be posed please?

Minority Leader, there is no need for that. There is absolutely no need for that.

     Can I have the question, Minority Councillor?

Madam Presiding Officer, the question to the Member still remains:

     Why are the fees remunerated to the Independent Directors different from those prescribed?

     Further, Madam Presiding Officer, the Member in a follow-up, indicated that the Executive Council can waive fees. Yes, the Executive Council can waive fees, but what is the authority? Was there an Executive Note written to so change the fees as those that were given?       

     Madam Presiding Officer, the Member is yet to answer the question, of what is the guiding principle and why is it different from what he has said it is?

Madam Presiding Officer, at the next Sitting, I will supply the Member with the Executive Council Note that gave authority.

Minority Councillor, are you good with that?

  Moving on.

Minority Leader.

10th Plenary Sitting Tobago House of Assembly 2021 - 2025 Session


27 October 2022
Supplemental question to the main question :
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