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Secretaries Answers to Questions


29. The Minority   Councillor asked the Secretary of the Division of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation the  following question:

“As it relates to   the inaugural hosting of the Tobago Carnival 2022, can the Secretary provide   the following information:

   a. The total cost paid to bring costumes from Trinidad and who were the suppliers?

   b. The total value of assistance, financial or otherwise, given to TOMAC to host their event.”

Thank you, Madam   Presiding Officer.

As it relates to the inaugural hosting of the Tobago   Carnival 2022, Madam Presiding Officer, the total amount paid for eight (8)   Kings and Queens costumes to be part of the ‘parade of the bands’, was one   hundred and eighty thousand, four hundred and ninety-five dollars   ($180,495.00). This covered performance fees, accommodation and   transportation.

As it relates to part (b) of the question, the Division of   Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation, provided no assistance, financial   or otherwise to TOMAC for the staging of their event.

Thank you.

No follow-up   questions? Okay.

Minority Leader.

30. The Minority   Leader asked the Secretary of the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and   Urban Development the following question:

“As it relates to   the recently constructed Stage in the Sea project, can the Secretary outline   the following:

  a. The name and address   of the contractor awarded the contract.

  b. What was the process  used to identify and engage the contractor?”

Thank you, Madam Presiding Officer. The name of the project is ‘Temporary ...’ - my good friend has been calling it, ‘Stage by the Sea’. [Crosstalk] The   reports are in, the reviews are in and the intent of building that area has   proved to be successful. We created in the region, a carnival product that   was never seen where people were actually able to enjoy the festivities over the water. It has never been done in the region. [Desk thumping]

    The name of the contractor is, ‘Shuffle Equipment Rental’,  and the address is, Pembroke, Tobago.

Question (b): What is the process used to identify and   engage the contractor? The question is a bit vague, Madam Presiding Officer.   My good friend seems not to understand procurement, but I will try to read   his mind to see what he mis asking. The tender process ( I believe he is   trying to ask) that was employed in awarding this contract, was a selective   process.

     Question (c): What   is the final cost of the contract awarded?

     The contract was awarded for one million, seven hundred   and fifty­eight thousand, three hundred and fifty dollars ($1,758,350.00),   contingency included.

Madam Presiding   Officer, can the Secretary confirm whether the paving of that stage was   sub-contracted by a contractor called ‘California Stockwell Company’?

Madam Presiding Officer, is this a separate question?

I need to do some research.

It is pertaining to the question.

Contractors do not need the approval of the Division to award subcontracts.

Madam Presiding Officer, I am hoping this does not count as a follow-up because the question is clear - can he confirm whether the subcontracted Company was ‘California Stockwell Company’? Simple.

Let me say again. Subcontracts are not awarded by the Tobago House of Assembly or the Division of Infrastructure and that question is better directed to the contractor. [Crosstalk] [Laughter][Desk thumping]

We continue to play smart with the business of Tobagonians.

Is that your question, Minority Leader?

Is this the best use of taxpayer’s money - one point seven million dollars   ($1.7m). [Crosstalk]

Honourable Members please, please...

You may, if you can - Secretary James.

My degree is in Project Management, it is not in Economics. I do not know whether an overall expenditure of one point seven million dollars ($1. 7m) is counterproductive to the development of Tobago or whether that being assigned somewhere else, would change the social problem that we have.   I do not understand the question.

Minority   Leader.

Madam Presiding Officer, I am quite perplexed as to the Secretary’s admonishment that he is not into Economics, because I recall a statement where he was giving Tobagonians prior to the elections, a lesson in Economics. If you allow me to just read some of what he said...

This is the question segment.

It was clear. [Crosstalk]He said that I can elucidate...

The Chief   Secretary is not the Presiding Officer. Please have a seat.

    Can you kindly ask your question to Secretary James?

Madam Presiding Officer, before we go forward, why are the Members disturbing me when I am asking questions on behalf of the people of   Tobago?

I am on my feet,   Minority Leader.

Please allow the   Minority Leader to ask his question.

Minority Leader,   please ask your question. Thank you.

Is it the   Secretary’s strategic intent in this case, to

enrich his friends   in Trinidad while our poor people in Tobago...

Out of order, Minority Leader. Next question, Minority   Leader.

11th Plenary Sitting Tobago House of Assembly 2021 - 2025 Session


24 November 2022
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