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Secretaries Answers to Questions

Tobago Contractors

MR. KELVON MORRIS (Minority Leader) asked the Secretary of Education, Research and Technology, the following question:

“Having declared at a Press Conference September 02nd, 2022, the following statement:

The PCO only has registered Tobagonian Contractors on that list. You  must produce a Tobago address. So if you utilized that list - I do not  know where this rumour of Trinidad contractors is coming from.”

Can the Secretary confirm the following:-

Oral Answers to Questions (Cont’d)

MR. K. MORRIS(Cont’d)

a. Were there any contractors with a registered business address engaged in the School Repair Programme contrary to her own statement?

b. What is/are the address/addresses of the contractor/contractor?”

Assemblyman Zorisha Hackett.

Madam Presiding Officer, at that press conference on September 02, 2022, the information collated by DERTech’s Project Implementation and Procurement Units (which of course guided my response) highlighted over sixty (60) contractors with Tobago addresses being awarded contracts, up to that specific point in time.

     I was updated by my team almost two (2) months later, that AVICON Limited had been subsequently approved by the Chief Administrator, after having been engaged by the former PNM Regime since 2020, to carry out.

TERMOTECH 99 works on four (4) schools, namely:

  •  Bethesda Government;

  • Golden Lane Government;

  • Parlatuvier Anglican; and

  • Mason Hall Secondary School.

     According to Procurement Control Officers Prequalification Notice, St. Helena, Trinidad, is the Company’s address.

Thank you, Madam Presiding Officer.

Madam Presiding Officer, additionally, is the Secretary aware, in keeping with the requirements of the sole select process as outlined by the Division, that contractors who were engaged were not prequalified with the Division?

Assemblyman Hackett.

Can the Secretary indicate whether she is prepared to do an investigation, and if such is found out to be true, what would be the following actions to come?

Assemblyman Hackett.

Minority Leader, I am prepared to do such an investigation.  I cannot say what the penalty would be for that but I would be so guided by my Administrator.

Is the Secretary prepared to give to this House a report on what the outcome is?

14th Plenary Sitting Tobago House of Assembly 2021 - 2025 Session


23 February 2023
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