Administrative Unit

This unit is charged with the provision and maintenance of an efficient and functional office management and human resource system.


Responsibilities include the following:

  • Personnel management and maintenance of adequate staff levels in accordance with the requirements of the Secretariat.

  • Human resource development- preparation/ conducting of training programmes for the improvement of skills, attitudes and knowledge of staff, or the facilitation of such training.

  • Maintenance of an ongoing staff evaluation system as a ma means of individual development.

  • Maintenance of a reliable system of record-keeping and registry management reflection acceptable records management practices.

  • Provision of up-to-date and accurate information, particularly as it relates to personnel and administrative matters, to facilitate decision making by the Clerk.

  • Assistance in the planning and coordination of the Assembly’s official and social activities.

  • Provision of all supplies, furniture and equipment essential to the effective functioning of the Secretariat

  • Generally, the provision and maintenance of a comfortable physical work environment, conducive to the optimum performance of all members of staff.

 The range of staffing attached to this unit includes: Human Resource Officer, Administrative Assistant, Clerks, Clerk/Typist and Chauffeurs.