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Topic:   What does democracy mean to you ?


*Make a video, say what democracy means to you. Your answer must focus on Tobago's political and legislative history over the last 200 years*​

Participation & Prizes

Student Prizes (1st to 6th form) $5,000, $3,000, $2,000

Adult Prizes (18 and above) $6,000, $4,000, $2,000


Students: In 60 seconds maximum 

Adults: In 90 seconds maximum 


You still have time to enter this amazing competition. Deadline is now extended to Friday 16th November, 2018. Many exciting prizes to be won.

Film Guide - Steps for using a smart phone or a camera

phone 1.png

The first step is good lighting. Always use natural light instead of your camera only. You can stay inside, but face a window. Or go outside. Stand where the light is cool, not like in the middle of the day when the sun leaves harsh shadows under the eyes and nose. Be careful the person holding the camera does not cause any shadows to fall on you. Don’t forget to flip your phone!

Shooting outside where it is cool and bright, without the harsh sunlight, and flip your phone to get the landscape orientation.



Shoot inside where it is bright from the light coming through the windows. Take a few seconds to record a quick introduction so you can check your video quality and the volume of your voice before you shoot the actual video.


One person, one phone. If you don’t have anyone to hold the phone don’t worry. Get a table and few books or something to rest your phone up against. Besides, people hands shake. A desk will keep your footage steady. Line up the smart phone so you capture from your head to your torso, right above your waist. The audio will be better, too. Trying to get the full head-to-toe shot means your camera will be further away and the volume of your speech will not to be recorded clearly. 


DIY (Do It Yourself) phone stand made from cardboard

Turn your phone case into a stand or use a scissors to carve out a space in a box for your phone to rest against it.

Communication is key! You communicate with your words, tone of voice, facial expression and attire or appearance. As a matter of fact, everything that is in the video becomes part of your communication, so choose a clean neutral background and don’t stray from your message.

The background is blurred, but you look sharp and in focus. The background could be anything in this picture, because it won’t distract from your message.


Neutral backgrounds use grey, brown, cream or white. Avoid a combination of too many bright colors at once in the background. A wall or a narrow hall way behind you are good options. You and your background are in sharp focus. Make sure the words in your message are just as clear and in focus as your background.


After you test shoot your video and check the sound quality, save it. After you shoot the actual video, save it. While you are composing your message with your attachment you plan to send for us, save a copy of it

Save Save Save!


We can only judge what we see, so save it!

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