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Ninety-one Tobagonians have served in the local legislature from 1980 to present. These public figures played an active role in where Tobago is today. The Secretariat responsible for the Assembly Legislature started an Archival Project to interview the people who served as Members of the Assembly on how this unicameral institution developed. The THA Legislature Archival Project documents the journey of self-determination in Tobago through their eyes.

The project will provide direct access to previously unrecorded accounts of our history taken from the Tobago House of Assembly’s rebirth in 1980 to present. The 1980 version of the THA was established by the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago Act 37 of 1980. Since, then new changes have been made through Act 40 of 1996. A third iteration of the Act is expected when Parliament addresses the proposed changes that Tobago discussed in 2016.

But how has Tobago changed due to the revisions in legislative and political framework? That’s the question that the surviving Members of the Assembly are asked to answer.

These interviews will go beyond the information debated at the regular Plenary Sittings held on the fourth Thursday every month at 1:30pm or special sittings (Add an information blurb in the sidebar on examples of special sittings). The Archive Project will focus on that part of the Assembly’s legislative history that explains how we got to where we are today, the challenges in getting here and the triumph in what has been achieved so far.

The interviews will form part of the audio visual collection at the THA Members Library and Information Centre, Assembly Legislature Building, Jerningham Street in Scarborough.

To keep up-to-date with the Archival Project and activities at the Assembly Legislature Secretariat go to our Facebook page at Tobago House of Assembly Legislature Secretariat.

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