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About Assembly Legislature


Mission Statement 

The Assembly Legislature is established to provide Members of the Tobago  House of Assembly with professional procedural support and efficient administrative services in an apolitical manner in order that they may effectively perform their functions.

General Objectives

To ensure that the Tobago House of Assembly, its Committees, and Constituency Offices have the necessary procedural, administrative, and research support so that all functions can be effectively carried out. 

To provide all members with the requisite parliamentary advice and assistance, regardless of party affiliation or office.


To be efficient and effective in the service delivered, while at the same time, ensuring that resources are utilized responsibly and to their maximum capacity.

To increase public understanding of the House of Assembly and its significant development of Tobago. 

To develop our human and physical resources continuously, to ensure change management within the Organisation. 




  • Office of the Presiding Office

  • ​​Office of the Clerk of the Assembly

  • ​​Constituency Offices

  • ​​Administrative Services Unit

  • Accounting Unit

  • ​Office of the Marshall of the Assembly 

  • Assembly Debates Unit

  • Camera Control Unit 

  • Library and Information Centre 

  • ​Procurement ​

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