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The Legislature Building

The Legislature Building


Construction of the Assembly Legislature Building was completed in 1825. It stood as the official seat of government in Tobago until the abolishment of the representative government with the imposition of Crown Colony administration in 1877. 

Over the years, the building has accommodated a variety of public offices including the island's Court House, the Inland Revenue Department, the Election and Boundaries Office, and the Public Library. 

In 1985, following the establishment of the Tobago House of Assembly Act in 1980, the space originally used as the Chamber for the previous House of Assembly, was refurbished and, once more, became the seat of the island's House of Assembly. 

The Chamber was officially opened by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, on 2nd November of that year. 

In 2002, an Office for the Presiding Officer was established. By 2009, however, more extensive renovations were done to the roof. Attempts have also been made to restore the external brickwork to make the building more reflective of its original 19th-century architecture. 

Moreover, the entire building is now under the remit of the Assembly Legislature and the upgrading of its facilities still continues. So far, additional amenities include: a

  1. Members’ Library and Information Centre

  2. Committee Room  

  3. Members’ Lounge

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