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History of Assembly Legislature

The Assembly Flag And Other Emblems

The Assembly’s Flag

The Assembly Flag is U.N. Blue in colour with the Assembly’s Crest Emblazoned thereon.


The Assembly’s Crest

The coat of Arms of Tobago (1816), with the addition of appropriate colouring, was first adopted as the Assembly’s Logo or Crest, but over the years, there were further adaptations to both design and colouring made by persons using the Logo for various reasons.

The Executive Council of the Assembly, in an effort to Standardize the Logo, examined the variations in use and decided to accept as the official, the coloured version of the Tobago Coat of Arms (1816) originally accepted, but with and additional band encircling the whole and bearing the words “Tobago House of Assembly”, as to facilitate ready identification of the symbol without interfering with the integrity of the emblem as previously adopted. This crest is now the Crest/ Logo/ Emblem to be used on all official stationery, flags and other memorabilia, with effect from 1st December, 2003.


The Assembly’s Colours  

The official colours of the Assembly, for the purposes of Decorations, Buntings, etc. Have been identified a Blue Green and yellow:

Blue – representing the sea around us ;

Green – representing the verdant green of the vegetation;

Yellow – representing the sun which energizes our people as it radiates light and warmth.


The Assembly’s Seal

The Tobago House of Assembly Act requires the Assembly to have a common seal.

For this purpose , the Flag Badge of Tobago (c1830), with the words “Tobago House of Assembly” encircling same, has been chosen.


The Tobago House of Assembly Act No. 37 of 1980 was established for the purpose of making provision for the administration of the Island of Tobago and for matters there with.

This Act was amended by Acts No 40 of 1980 and 25 of 1982; and has been incorporated into the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago as Chapter 25:03.

The Tobago House of Assembly Standing Orders, 1990 constitute the guidelines for the conduct of the business of the Assembly, in accordance with the provisions of the Tobago House of Assembly Act, 1980.



When the Assembly was first established in 1980, Plenary Sittings were held in the Supreme Court of the Judiciary on Bacolet Street.

In 1985, Sittings of the Assembly were transferred to the restored Chamber of the Administration Building, the home of the previous House of Assembly during the period 1825-1877. This chamber was formally opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 3rd November, 1985.



The Tobago House of Assembly Act No.40 of 1966 repealed and replaced Act No. 37 of 1980 and was established to provide for the membership, powers and functions of the Tobago House of Assembly and its Executive Council and matters incidental thereto.

The Tobago House of Assembly Standing Orders. 1997 constitute the guidelines for the conduct of the business of the Assembly, in accordance with the provisions of the revised Tobago House of Assembly Act, 1996.

In 2000, the Report of The Dispute Resolution Commission, appointed in accordance with Section 56 of the Tobago Houses of Assembly Act, 1996, which recommended that a percentage in the range of 4.03% to 6.9% of the national budget, 4.03 being the minimum, be allocated to the Assembly to cover both the recurrent and development allocations for each financial year, such percentage to be reviewed from year to year in the light of prevailing circumstances, was adopted in Parliament.


The Tobago House of Assembly Standing Orders 1997 were revised in 200, 2006 and 2008.


The Tobago House of Assembly (Amendment Act) No. 17 of 2006 increased the overall composition of the Executive Council from seven to nine members.


The Assembly Police Bill: A law to provide for the establishment of the Assembly Police was the 1st Tobago House of Assembly Bill to be passed in the House, in 2003.


Guidelines to Parliamentary Procedures as they relate to the Tobago House of Assembly was issued in 2003 with a revised edition in 2005.



An Office of the Presiding Officer was established in 2002 and repaired in 2010.

An Office of the Minority Leader was approved by the Executive Council Minute No. 449 dated October, 2005 and eventually established in 2008.

Substantial Restoration work was undertaken on the Exterior of the Administration Building on Jerningham Street, which is now fully under control of the Assembly Legislature. (2010)

Considerable renovation work continues to be carried out within the Building. So far, a Members Library and Information Centre, Committee Room, and Members Lounge have been established in 2010.

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