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Megan Morrison

Assistant Secretary for The Division of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation

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Megan Morrison

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Megan Morrison

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Megan Morrison



Megan Morrison

District Office Address :
Phone Number :

(868) 242-3871

Website :

Twitter(X) :



Megan Morrison

Party Affiliation :
  • (Progressive Democratic Patriots - Previous) 

  • (Tobago Peoples Party)

Period Served :
  • (2021-2025)

Electoral District :

Member for Mt. St. George/Goodwood


Megan Morrison was born and raised in the village of Mt. St. George, to Jean Morrison-Friday and David Friday (Deceased). She is the second of three children maternally and forth of eleven children paternally. Her father, while being a Trinidadian, met her mother while attending the Mt. St. George Youth Camp. Ms. Morrison grew up in an extended family household, her family lineages are Bennet, Lewis, Cupid, Mc Kain and Morrison.

Ms. Morrison is the Managing Director of a small contracting company; and is one of the most accomplished chaperons of Queens on the island. Her passion is to see that everyone achieves a greater standard of living and in the elevation of a people. Ms. Morrison is an employee of the Tobago House of Assembly for the past twenty-one years.

Megan is no stranger to service, when she is not working or planning events or chaperoning queens, she spends time farming and doing charity work, helping the less fortunate. She is heavily involved in Cultural and Community service and works with various community groups on the island, as she shares her wealth of knowledge and experience.

Candidate Relevant Experience;

  • -Managing Director – Construction Company

  • -chaperon of Queens for Competition

  • -Assistant Accounts Officer – THA

  • -Holder of a certificate in Advance Practical Accounting from the School of Practical Accounting

  • -Associate Degree in Hospitality Studies from the Tobago Tourism and Hospitality Institute

  • -Master’s of Business Administration with specialization in Marketing Management from the Australian Institute of Business.

  • 25 years of community activism

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