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Secretaries Answers to Questions


53. COUNCILLOR PETAL DANIEL-BENOIT asked the Secretary of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation:

“As it relates to the management structure of Tobago Tourism Agency Limited, can the Secretary confirm the following:

a. What is the timeline for the engagement of a new Chief Executive Officer?

b. What is the monthly remuneration and other benefits of the Executive Chairman?”

Councillor   Burris.

Thank you, Madam Presiding Officer.

    The answer to part (a), is that upon the resignation of the former Chief Executive Officer, a process was started to recruit a replacement. Initially, it was anticipated that this process would take approximately six (6) months.

      The official recruitment process has been completed. A report from the Board was forwarded for Executive Council consideration, and a decision was made.

      An offer would be made, and upon acceptance of that offer, the person would be engaged, and an official announcement would be made.

     Thank you.

     The Answer to part (b) of the question - currently, the monthly remuneration of the Executive Chairman is a salary of forty-five thousand dollars ($45,000), which was the salary paid to the previous Chief Executive Officer. Also, in keeping with previous allowances given to the previous CEO, the Executive Chairman has access to provision of a cellular phone -the expenses for which are borne by the agency. Access to a company vehicle and access to entertainment expenses are borne by the agency.

     It should be noted that the Executive Chairman does not receive any additional remuneration or allowances for Board duties, neither any of the additional allowances and fees the previous CEO received. These included: housing allowance, repatriation fee and gratuity.

Minority Councillor.

Madam Presiding, can the Secretary give a timeline as to when we can anticipate an approximate date when the Chief Executive Officer would be on board?

It is anticipated that this person should be coming on in early May.

Thank you, Madam Presiding Officer. Can the Secretary also indicate what was the process that was utilized to transform the Chairman into an Executive Chairman?

     In light of the departure of the CEO, a decision was taken at the Executive Council - because it was required to have somebody sit in the position until the process of appointing a new CEO was done. It was recognized that within the organizational structure of the Tobago Tourism Agency Limited, there existed no other senior person who could take up the chairmanship as an acting CEO during that time. So a decision was taken to ask the Executive Chairman to perform executive chairman duties, and that was agreed to at the Executive Council.

Finally, through you, Madam Presiding Officer, was this done through an Executive Minute or a Note?

Yes, Minority Leader.

As a follow-up to the question

No. We have three (3) supplemental questions. Minority Leader, you are aware of this.

17th Plenary Sitting Tobago House of Assembly 2021 - 2025 Session


27 April 2023
Supplemental question to the main question :
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